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Calm. Imaginative. Sincere.

I did not invent the noir detective. I am not the first who cried while witnessing a child receive a puppy. And I am certainly not the only one to be moved by the reuniting of lost loves. But I enjoy retelling those stories - and I cannot wait to tell yours.

David Angelo


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Telling stories one page at a time.

My story telling career began when I was in the second grade. I remember walking into a small dark room that had a soft padded cushion that I could kneel down on. Then, suddenly, I heard the opening of a secret panel. I could see a small amount of light, but that was all.

I remembered from my catechism classes that that was my cue: “Bless me father…” And roughly 35 minutes later I walked out of the darkened room.

I recall overhearing a man that was wearing a long black cape (it looked like a cape to me) whispering to one of my teachers: “Now that boy is a storyteller!”

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